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How to do Sit-ups

So either you know sit-ups are right for you or you are still a little unsure if this is an exercise for you,

if you have any doubts proceed very slowly with extreme care! If you are unable to complete the exercise below do not force yourself, either you can or you can not do the exercise below, other options do exist and only a few people can easily do Sit-ups.

If you were unsure and now know! Sit-ups are not for you skip to the bottom of the page and check out the other abdominal exercises using crunches. If you are still floating and would prefer to improve your abs using sit-ups as a exercise, one slight variation does exist which will help you to get started, rather than putting your feet flat on the floor hook them under the bed, a rail of some sort or another piece of furniture, this will give you a little leverage and is a great way to improve strength with less risk, so enabling you to after a period of time to return to doing sit-ups with you feet flat on the floor.

How often? How many?

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