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No topic within the realm of exercising has ever been so hotly disputed between trainers and athletes alike. The truth is that all the programs work!

Even though some of the work outs if applied to people just starting to exercise can cause discomfort even injury along with considerable pain. None of which is any fun! This in turn can also have the effect of enabling these individuals to either give up exercising altogether, or install an idea that exercise is in no way enjoyable.

Exercising should be something that you enjoy! This is not to say that a little pain is not occasionally involved, "no pain no gain" is a phrase that can be aptly applied to working out whether it be you are working on your abs or running a 5k

The only thing that is certain is if you do not work on your abs you are 100% guaranteed never to obtain a perfect 6 pack. In a lot of situations one would add "unless your one of those lucky individuals born with great genes" in this case even that does not apply, the only way to a beautiful 6 pack is through exercising your abs consistently.

So what is the perfect routine? Each routine will be as different as each person is different, without going in to a whole bunch of technicalities that serve little purpose without the basic ingredient of consistency. Here are some pointers as to what will work for you.

Aim to work on your abs 3 times a week, this should be along the lines of.

Making sure that the three days you exercise your abs include a different number of repetitions each time. Mixing it up is another of the mysterious keys.....

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