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one of the mysterious keys... that work's, is simply mixing it up!

when we say mix it up that also means mixing it up in some sort of logical fashion, for starters figure out what is the maximum number of sit-ups or crunches you can do!
Lets call it 30 imagine this is your max for now.

Do your hardest workout "30" followed by
the only two days off.

Then do your smallest day call it 1/3 of your max "10".

Then after another day off do a middle of the road day with 2/3 of your max "20"

This makes up a whole weeks exercise.

It will also be necessary to increase the number of crunches or sit-ups that you do in a sensible way to avoid injury. Here is a simple method that works!

Imagine a cycle of 4 weeks.
Increasing your maximum reps logicaly each week also allows you to logicaly increase the number of reps on the other two easier days each week, as they are a percentage of the max.

Week 1 would be as above max = 30
Week 2 increase previous Week by 10% max = 33
Week 3 increase previous Week by 10 % max = 36
Week 4 drop back 2 Weeks max = 33
Week 5 increase previous Week by 10% max = 36
Week 6 increase previous Week by 10% max = 39
Week 7 increase previous Week by 10% max = 43
Week 8 drop back 2 Weeks max = 39

Increasing your max by more than 10%
weekly can cause serious injury.

One last thing each year take one full 4 week cycle off and allow your body to repair itself fully. When you resume exercising, start back not on the last week but four weeks before that.

That�s it no big secrets just a little work and consistency mixing up crunches with Sit-ups is also an awesome way to attain those perfect abs.

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