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Even though at it's most basic level an amazing 6 pack set of abs can be obtained with little to no equipment

not many of us are lucky enough to only have to exercise our abs, for most of us obtaining and maintaining our abs is very small part of a much larger exercise program, without which would make working solely on the abdominal muscles pretty much pointless and for most impossible.

Most peoples weekly workouts will include a fair amount of cardio exercise some people will choose to do this through exercises such as running, cycling or swimming and others may prefer to use different types of exercise equipment many types of exercise equipment exists, each year or so someone comes up with another type of exercise machine with the general idea to help exercise more parts of the body in less time this can be helpful in today's modern world, here are some of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment.

The ab lounger is top of our list of exercise machines as it is the only one that is designed to uniquely work on the abdominal muscles, prices are normally under $100 they also take up very little space in your home.  Ab Loungers

The rowing machine sometimes called an ergometer or an indoor rower easily falls in to second place of our chosen exercise machines we would recommend mainly because along with giving you an all-round workout the abdominal muscles are continually been used with a rowing machine  Rowing Machines

Using a treadmill has the advantage over simply running because they stress your joints much less, also with a treadmill no need to worry about the weather.  Treadmills

Using an exercise bike or as they are sometimes called a stationary bike enables you to do fantastic cardio workouts with out the risk of riding alone on a bicycle.  Exercise Bikes

One of the more recent additions to the range of exercise machines available is the elliptical machine this machine combines a number of exercises in to one simple workout.  Elliptical Machines

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