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There are many exercises and movements you can do to tone your stomach muscles into a perfect set of abs, women along with men generally undergo very similar training programs

to work on the abdominal muscles, building a great set of abs is not so difficult the magic ingredient is consistency along with a little work and commonsense towards ones eating habits.

Over the years the way people exercise has changed drastically and will continue to change, whole books have been written on what to do and what not to do. Just picking up a couple of books at your local gym or consulting a couple of so called expert trainers will probably leave you more confused than ever.

Some schools of thought will advocate more is better some will advocate less like most things in life any exercise should be done in moderation, so that it compliments your life. If your going to have to turn your whole life upside down, spending less time with loved ones, sleeping less, changing your eating habits all to get a new set of abs. One would have to ask whatís the point?

As your reading this website all about developing abdominal muscles itís a pretty safe bet to presume you have already attained and continue to maintain a certain level of fitness, women that have not exercised in any form or another for many years probably donít just wake up one morning thinking "maybe I should start working on my abs today"

This is good news in that, simply working on your abdominal muscles is a very small part of maintaining a healthy body, if you are already regularly exercising and maintaining a somewhat healthy diet the changes to your daily routine are going to be negligible to say the least and in no way time consuming. The only ingredient you will need is consistency, along with a little time and a possible increase in consumption of certain types of food groups.

Here are two types of abdominal exercises that work.

  The original: Sit Ups
  Abdominal Crunches

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