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Six Pack Diet part two

Red and White Meats continued.. the different choices that are available.

Unlike its counterpart the fish group a lot more attention needs to be made in the choices we make, what we need to focus on here is the lean cuts, with poultry this could be classed as the white meat also referred to sometimes as the breast meat. Red meats simply keep the fat to a minimum, it�s that simple.

Dairy Products is another group that has plenty of choice, the only drawback with consuming above normal quantities from this basket of products is that, most all have a higher content of fat than the last two groups, this is not to say they should be excluded no food consumed in moderation or with care is going to produce any noticeable adverse affects. The one exception that does not contain excessive amounts of fats would be eggs these though if consumed in excess, can have their own adverse affects relating to your cardiovascular system.

Fruits one can hardly describe this as a group considering it really only contains a single item, fruits would normally fall squarely in to the carbohydrate category except with a single exception, nuts high in protein they serve a useful purpose in that they can be consumed as a snack at any time of the day.

This brings us to the end of the guided page-by-page tour. If you have browsed through all the pages you will see there are no hard and fast methods or magical solutions to obtaining a beautiful set of abs, it is more about commonsense and consistency in your exercise routine, this alone will help you attain a great looking six-pack over a period time.

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