TKO Anti Burst Fitness Ball Set 75cm

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Ideal for yoga and fitness classes, the TKO anti-burst fitness ball helps you increase your flexibility while strengthening and toning your muscles--especially your core. The 75-centimeter ball features a durable anti-burst construction, with a soft rubber surface that supports and cushions your body. The ball is perfect for ab exercises, stability and balance workouts, and even as a replacement for a flat bench for chest and shoulder presses. Easy to maintain and clean, the fitness ball comes with a hand pump and instructional wall chart.

  • 75 cm anti-burst fitness ball for home workouts
  • Helps increase flexibility and tone muscles
  • Soft rubber surface supports and cushions body
  • Builds strength in core, upper body, and lower body
  • Comes with hand pump and instructional wall chart

Price: $24.99

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